Corporate Information
The Occupational and Safety, Health and Environmental Policy


We, a pharmaceutical company that produces high-quality drugs in accordance with the vision and mission of the company, is responsible and concerned about the issues of Occupational Safety & Health and Environment, so that zero complaints and zero accidents are achieved, and to increase the efficiency.

To achieve this, we:

  1. Establish, implement, maintain and review Management Systems for Occupational Health & Safety and the Environment at all levels in the Organization.
  2. Always strive to preserve the environment, prevent environmental pollution, and create a safe and healthy working environment.
  3. Comply with applicable laws and regulations and other requirements relevant to the Occupational Safety & Health and Environment Management System.
  4. Minimize the use of resources (material, electricity, water), and minimization of waste produced effectively.
  5. Establish Work Programs, Objectives and Targets for Occupational Health & Safety and the Environment which are periodically reviewed and refined according to needs.
  6. Always make improvements to develop an Occupational Safety & Health and Environmental Management System.
  7. Communicate this Policy to all employees, related agencies and open to the public.

Jakarta, 29 July 2019