About Us
Our Business

Our Value

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Indonesia (hereinafter; MTID) has been trying to contribute to make people around the world healthier with developing and providing products. In accordance with MTIDs Philosophy and Vision, we are willing to make effort to be innovative and being trusted pharmaceutical company.

Therapeutic Fields


In these therapeutic fields, the following are our goal:

  1. To prevent for acute vascular symptoms
  2. To care and cure for confronting conditions

Our products will contribute for saving the lives of patient who suffer from cardiovascular disease, heart failure, hypertension, metabolic, and PSVT (paroxysmal supra ventricular tachycardia).


We are trying to contribute for the patient with unmet medical needs in anesthesia.

Other Fields

In order to fulfill higher satisfaction of treatment, MTID has been researching and developing which focused on specific aspects for approximately 10 years. They are, the fields of neuromuscular disease, psychiatry, and auto immune. We hope that, our strong effort will be new treatment opportunities for patients.


To provide more value, MTID creates and chooses many ways to expand further therapeutic area. We truly hope to have the partnership from you. We are open to create partnerships founded on trust and transparency with you.