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Manufacturing Site


Manufacturing Site of PT Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Indonesia (MTID) is located at Jalan Rumah Sakit 104, Cinambo, Bandung – West Java. The manufacturing site was moved to current location in 1986.

In accordance with company’s vision to become a pharmaceutical manufacturer which supported by research and being trusted by society, MTID always commit to manufacture high quality product and to comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulation for domestic and our exported countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Pakistan, and Uruguay).

Our manufacturing process is conducted in Production Building which had been designed by concept that complies to requirements of GMP. The production room and primary packaging process are built as class E clean room standard, with a temperature, humidity, and differential pressure that always be monitored.

MTID manufactures the pharmaceutical drugs in tablet and capsule as the main dosage form. Beside that, MTID produce the sustained release beads, both to be filled in the capsule and to be marketed as bulk beads as well.  One of the ways to support high-quality control in manufacturing, we are using the qualified production machine and latest production technology.


The water system treatment includes the filtering process, reverse osmosis, and drain the water through the looping system which equipped by UV light to ensure that the water for manufacturing process comply the requirement.

Drinking water which fulfilled WHO requirement is used in the beginning of equipment and room cleaning and also used as raw material for Purified Water. The Purified Water for pharmaceutical purpose is met the pharmacopoeia requirement.

The production building is also installed with Building Management System which has functions to monitor, control, and store the data related to building’s temperature, RH, and differential pressure, called HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). This HVAC system is designed to control and ensure the environment condition for production room meet the standard.


The testing for raw material, packaging material, intermediate products, and finished good products are conducted in quality control laboratory. The process is equipped with the qualified instruments, tested by validated method and qualified personnel to fulfil the Good Laboratory Practice regulation and provides the reliable test result.


The storage building is designed to keep the starting material and products are stored refer to the characteristic of each product’s storage condition.